It says that this software can launch a `Brute force attack` (Its a nerd thing, forget it) against fb accounts and hack into them.
Dont ask me, if the shit doesn't w0rk. I didn't code it.

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 NEW! 2013

Facebook BruteForcer

 Facebook BruteForcer
IMPORTANT: This program is for educational purposes only. Don't go around attacking people's facebook accounts. If you want to break into someone's account, you must have the permission of the user. Otherwise you're breaking the law.

Today i had couple of hours off, so i decided to write some nasty code. Not to mess with facebook or someone else's account but to test facebook's security and to see what it takes to come up with a simple, custom-made bruteforcer.

It took me about an hour to develop a program which uses a dictionary file to find out the password of any given facebook account performing brute force hacking method.

Here is how it works:
  1. Create HttpWebRequest
  2. Set required browser headers so that both facebook and the program will be happy
  3. Create post data for HttpWebRequest using the dictionary file
  4. Parse facebook page response and add to output * See line 80 in frmMain.cs. It's very likely that you will have to modify this part of the code since Facebook page markup is updated frequently.
  5. After three attempts, create a fake hotmail account and try to login (I thought i could prevent the session from locking out. Obviously i was mistaken)
A common attack method of gaining access to a login is the brute force attack. If you fail, you repeat. If the user has a weak password, you will eventually find it.

In secure systems if you make too many invalid login attempts, you get locked out.

It appears that Facebook extended it intelligently; if you make too many invalid login attempts, it doesn't just lock you out, it also redirects you to the password reset page.

Still here i stand with my simple custom-made bruteforcer. The program is written in C# and the source code is available for download. Since it's the first version and i didn't spend much time to test it, use it on your own risk.

Please remember that this program is for educational purposes only. Attempting to brute force the password would also result in a DoS (Denial Of Service) event which can possibly catch a system administrator's attention.

Download Facebook BruteForcer